I provide a service to people who require a ceremony, or an event to mark a specific occasion, be it happy, sad or poignant.

“I am a Celebrant, Mother, a Wife, a Grandmother or 'Grandnanny' as my youngest grandchild would say.”

A dancer, a lover of life, a storyteller and a Dance and Drama Teacher. I have a Batchelor of Teaching and Learning, Diploma of Celebrant Studies, CANZ  and VCANZ trained and take part in regular professional development. I have a beautiful garden at Oakura Beach and a special place to take weddings in it. Most days I walk my dog along the beach and recently I have taken up cycling with a vengeance.

Suzee Freeman

Celebrant and Event Planner

The service I provide is personal, and will reflect your specific need. This in turn creates lasting memories and a way forward for you, and your loved ones, at an important and pertinent time in your lives.

Becoming a celebrant seemed a natural course to take during the latter years of my teaching profession

Travelling to Auckland at weekends to take part in training was a big commitment, but it provided me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. I loved learning the skills required, meeting with others of like minds and sharing ideas. It helped to mould me into the Celebrant that I am.

For me, it is both a privilege and an art to be able to listen to others and provide a service that celebrates significant moments. I vowed I would never ‘copy and paste’ a service. I begin with a blank piece of paper and it is through listening to you that I create a ceremony or event that specifically reflects your need. When I commit to anything it is 100%. My mind is creative and I love to find ways of celebrating that are personal to you, because everyone’s life is unique.

I love listening to life stories and from them creating ceremonies

The purpose of a ceremony is to enable us to acknowledge a transition or a rite of passage – it marks a new beginning or sometimes, as a conclusion to an event in our lives. The right ceremony or event builds a bridge to enable us to move forward. Ceremonies are usually held to celebrate a new life or in honour of a life lived. Ceremonies are used to mark special occasions in a person’s life, for example, graduation, new baby, memorial, divorce, coming of age, housewarming, retirement or for a marriage or commitment.

The ceremonies or events that I run are always personal 

One of the first actions I took to become a celebrant was to train. Would you hire a builder who didn’t have a licence or a plumber who didn’t have a ticket? The same can be said of a Celebrant. Our lives are rich with stories and heritage, but we do not always recognise them in the day-to-day. It is often only when a decision is made to get married for instance, we ever sit down to consider what it is we love about that other person, and what gift we are giving them when we give of ourselves.

A wedding or funeral, or an event can be a time to reflect on where we have been, and where we want to go in our lives. It is a time to acknowledge and be thankful for those who have been part of our lives. I can help you to find special and meaningful ways to do this.


Suzee Freeeman