Wedding Planning

Tailor Made Wedding Planning

A wedding should be a joyous, fun event. However, the logistics can be daunting. If you are juggling full-time careers and busy personal life, then I am your answer. As a wedding planner, I am flexible, professional and creative. I can assist you with all or part of the design, planning and management of your day.

Full Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding is like a journey. it is best enjoyed when you take the time to have fun along the way. It is about the journey not just the destination. As a Wedding Planner, it is my job to be there to pick up the pieces for you, so you can do the bits you like and enjoy the planning process through to the big day. I can do as much, or as little as you want with whatever budget that you have. I am happy to shop for you or with you. 

Decorating the space for the evening event is my speciality, along with my team we can pack in and pack out, saving you the hassle of setting up and cleaning up the next day. I am also capable of being your MC, hosting and running the evening for you. 

Meeting and pricing

First Meeting: Is free. 

Let’s sit down to discuss your ideas and theme. Tell me the date, the time and the place.  How much do you think you want me to do for you?  

Second Meeting

You have decided to use me as your Wedding Planner. Let’s realistically discuss what you wish to do yourselves, and what you wish me to do revise the list from our first meeting, and create a timeline and a budget. 

My fees start from $500.00.


“With all our hearts we would like to thank you so much for assisting us in making our wedding day so special. We had no idea of what was entailed when we began and you made it so easy for us. I loved shopping with you and your ideas on doing up the venue. You really listened to what we wanted even when we didn’t quite know ourselves. The small personal gifts for our guests that you suggested were a lovely touch and reflected our family.

Thank you for your guiding light, your bigger vision, your decorative skills and all the love and joy that you poured into our wedding day. Our guests commented on how versatile and helpful you were, from the children and the seating through to the first dance.

We both noticed how you had your eye on everything so the evening as well as the day all went smoothly. We loved that you set the room up and cleaned it all up for us the next day. That was the best because we were so tired. We were so lucky to have you as our Wedding Planner, host and Celebrant.”

Christof, Alya, Noa and Araura