Event Planning

a Tailor Made Event Service

When planning an event you need to know what your goal is:

No matter the size of your event, you’re going to need a group of dedicated people to bring it together. The initial stages of the organisation process involve bringing in the right people with the expertise required to bring the vision to life.

themed event organiser
event planner

Whatever your Events needs

The positions you need to fill will depend on the size and nature of your event. Generally speaking, you’ll need to appoint someone in charge and individuals responsible for sub-committees (talent liaison, volunteers, safety and security, venue management, sound and lighting, catering/supplier management, and infrastructure). It all depends on the event you are putting on.

Whatever your needs speak to me about what I can offer you. 

10 years ago I planned my first wedding and haven’t looked back since. Dressing a venue and planning the programme are all areas of expertise. I have a Dream Team I can bring in that includes an artist and PA. Together we are highly creative. 


Prices are dependent on the requirements of the task, and the amount of work that is required. I am happy to work with or for you – your choice depends on your needs, time restrictions and ability.

Whatever your Theme we can make it work

I can take a theme and develop it for a company, private group or friends. I can work with costumes, theatre and a story.

A ‘Medieval Feast’ event was developed into a Robin Hood theme alongside the Medieval society. All the props including the castle gates were created. I can supply theatre, dance, drama, and singers.

A ‘Great Gatsby’ event was planned and delivered for a private party.

I am able to take a theme and create an event out of it for an organisation, private party, or business.

themed event organiser
themed event organiser