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As a funeral celebrant operating in Taranaki and New Plymouth, the services that I offer are personalised, compassionate and creative. A funeral ceremony serves to enable us to grieve, honour, share memories, laugh and cry and can give a sense of closure.

It can also help us to begin to take the first steps toward the next stepping stone in our lives and slowly move forward.

A Personalised fUNERAL Service

The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to share with them what you would like when the time comes to say goodbye.

When a loved one dies, those left are under stress to get things done within a short time frame. While we want to do our best for those who have passed, it can be difficult when we don’t know what it is they wanted.

I specialise in working with those who are prepared to face the inevitable and discuss a farewell that honours them. This process is very caring, loving and honouring. It is a time of remembering and putting our house in order.

I can also help advise you on what you can do for yourselves, to help ease the pressure and financial burden. No matter what stage of the journey you are on, I can be there for you.

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A personalised Memorial Service

A memorial is held a year, weeks or even months after a person’s death. There is no need for the body to be present, and the family gets time to plan and then gather at a convenient time and place. Easy to arrange and less expensive than a traditional funeral, this could be the answer for some families. Due to covid many funerals were not held or held in such a way that they felt incomplete. Holding a memorial can help give closure and allow everyone to be present to
remember your loved one.

A memorial service can be as informal as a BBQ on the beach or more formal with a venue and a celebrant. When you consider the wishes of the deceased and family members able to be present, this can help you to decide whether the gathering will be intimate or open to the larger community.

Whatever your Funeral needs

A funeral ceremony fulfils the purpose of facilitating our grieving process, paying tribute, exchanging memories, expressing both joy and sorrow and ultimately providing a sense of closure.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in initiating our journey towards the next chapter of our lives, allowing us to gradually embrace new beginnings and progress.

Funerals, Commemorations, Memorials $500


Pet Funerals: 

Our pets are part of our family and their loss is a real grief. Holding an informal ceremony to say goodbye, and remembering your good times with them can be a fitting tribute.

Pet Funerals $150


Travel for all ceremonies outside of NP is charged at AA rate.

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Suzee was very thoughtful, professional and caring when she took my husband’s funeral. She took care of all the details, including those I hadn’t even thought of and I really appreciated it. I highly recommend her.

Dianne H