Common Wedding questions and answers

1) Does someone have to give me away?

The short answer is no. There are many alternatives especially when you look back at the origin of the tradition. In the Middle Ages the father ‘gave’ the daughter to the new husband who then ‘owned’ her. Today most couples go into marriage in their own right.

Some of the alternatives are:

a.  Meeting and walking down the aisle together.

b.  Both families meet at the back of the congregation walking forward collectively and the couple meets in the middle and the family following signifying the collective agreement of the family.

c.  The bride may walk down on her own.

However, if you do it there is no legal requirement.

2) How can I make my wedding special?

Look at your vows first. These are the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. Tell your partner what you love about them. What it is you want to give them in this marriage – work with your celebrant on this part of the ceremony and come up with a symbolic act that represents who you are as a couple.  

3) Does my wedding have to cost a fortune?

No. There are many ways in which you can make it personal and cut costs. You just need to decide on where you want to put your money e.g. photographer, dress, cake, venue, and flowers.

a. First check your guest list. Could a family only and party follow suit you?

b. Choose an afternoon spot somewhere nice and have your guests bring a plate instead of a gift. Check out our blog on wedding locations

c. Guests are usually happy to pay for their own alcohol

d. I can offer you a wedding planner service which will help you to cut these costs.

4) Where do I start my planning for a wedding?

A date or flexible date is usually a good start followed by the booking.

a.  A venue

b.  A celebrant or church

c.  Photographer

Then start looking at guest lists, dresses, cake etc. There are many online tools to help with this and I can also help you.

5) How do I know what I want in my service?

 The truth is you probably don’t know but a good celebrant will help you with this. Start by identifying what you don’t want eg. A religious wedding, lots of people speaking. Then think about what suits you. Are there any cultural references you would like to include? Is there a family tradition? Is there a symbolic act that identifies you?

6) Can a friend take the service and the celebrant just be there to sign it off?

 No. You are undergoing a legal contract and only a registered celebrant or minister/priest can do this for you. There are other ways to include your friends that are just as meaningful.

7) Why do the costs of a celebrant range in price?

Probably for the same reason a house or car ranges in price. Look and see what you are getting for your money. Would you have a house built by an unregistered builder or plumber? The same goes for celebrants.

celebrant vcanz certifiedLook for the VCANZ sign. This means we have been trained and reached a high standard before we can offer our services.

8) If I am planning an outside wedding, do I need a wet weather alternative?

Yes. This is a requirement and needs to be planned ahead as our New Zealand weather can be unpredictable.

9) Who can be our witnesses?

There must be two witnesses. I usually suggest one from each side. They must not be intoxicated and must be old enough and of sound mind. They must be able to fully understand the intention of the ceremony,

10) Do I have to wear white?

 No. I have married some beautiful brides in red and orange. Wear what suits you.

11) When do I order my marriage licence?

You can order it three months before the wedding date. It will be there within the week.

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