Exploring the Best Locations for Your Outdoor Wedding Venue!

When it comes to outdoor wedding venues, the options are truly limitless, limited only by your imagination. You can choose to have your wedding on your own or someone else’s back lawn, in a park, on a beach, in a domain, or by a river. The key is to consider a few important factors before finalizing your decision.

One Crucial Factor to Keep in Mind is the Unpredictable Nature of the Weather.

Since it’s possible to experience three seasons in a single day, having a wet weather contingency plan is essential. This can be as simple as providing gazebos and umbrellas for your guests in case of rain. These not only serve as protection from rain showers but also offer a retreat from the hot sun. Alternatively, you can opt for a venue with a hall or indoor space nearby, providing a ready-made retreat in case of inclement weather. Venues like Oakura Beach, Black Sands, or the Oakura Boardriders offer the flexibility of having the wedding on the beach and retreating to a covered area if it rains. Another excellent venue option is Wai-iti Beach, known for its beauty and versatility.

choosing a wedding location in taranaki

If you have your heart set on iconic locations like Pukekura Park, the Begonia House, or the Bowl of Brooklands stage, it’s important to note that you’ll need to seek permission from the council and pay a small fee. These venues are public spaces, and while you have the right to have your wedding there, the public also has the right to access them. To secure your desired location, you can either pay the council to reserve it exclusively for your wedding or send friends ahead to stake your claim and reserve the area.

In all cases, thorough planning and preparation are essential. By considering the unique characteristics of your chosen outdoor venue, having a backup plan for adverse weather conditions, and following the necessary procedures for public spaces, you can ensure that your outdoor wedding is a memorable and seamless celebration. Remember, the secret to success lies in planning ahead and addressing all potential challenges that may arise.